The Kerrang! Tour Review – Norwich!


The annual Kerrang! Tour kicked off in Norwich this year and Grindstore were there to see whether the opening night jitters were going to overshadow a quite brilliant and diverse line-up. In all honesty, they didn’t! A couple of technical difficulties here and there were expected for a five band interchange on the opening night of a new tour. Overall, it was a Friday night party down at the Nick Rayns LCR, UEA in Norwich.

What we enjoyed most about this year’s line-up was the old school ‘Kerrang! Tour’ feel of four up & coming bands, pulling out all the stops to win over even more fans. In previous years ‘Kerrang!’ have plumped for ticket selling names such as Limp Bizkit – which we would obviously never argue with as they were awesome to see live! But this year there was a special ‘Kerrang! Tour’ of-old feel to it – these bands put everything into their performances and should definitely not be missed.


American metalcore up & comers Beartooth had the honour of kicking off the first show of the tour with a wall-shaking set. Starting with ‘Beaten In Lips’, frontman Caleb showed off his vocal range as he effortlessly switched beaten harmonies and throat shredding screams throughout. When new single ‘The Lines’ hit, the pace really picked up as Norwich moshed along to one of America’s finest new metalcore bands. Check out their debut album ‘Disgusting’, a favourite from 2014 in the Grindstore office!


Bury Tomorrow share a similar style to Beartooth, which meant if Norwich hadn’t woken up by the end of their set…they never would! Thankfully, frontman Dani ran from side to side to get everyone in the LCR involved. One thing Bury Tomorrow can boast about is their incredibly talented vocalist James Cameron. As Dani vents anger through the verses of hits ‘An Honourable Reign’ and ‘Lionheart’, James swoops in on the chorus with a voice that would send any X-Factor contestant packing. After seeing them put out a decent performance from the huge main stage at Download Festival last summer, they did an even better job in the smaller enclosure of the LCR, Norwich. A fantastic display from the Brit boys!


Up next were the last minute surprise addition and conquerors of America, Young Guns! After being out of the UK on and off over the past couple of years and with four names already etched onto the 2015 ‘Kerrang! Tour’ line-up, Young Guns managed to squeeze in three belters before departing. After the click-track failed to play out their atmospheric opening to ‘I Want Out’, the band were soon firing on all cylinders! The Norwich crowd witnessed the first ever live performance of the bands new single ‘Speaking In Tongues’ before a sing-along to their monster hit ‘Bones’ finished off the special set from the London rockers. Hopefully we will see them again over the festival season!


Following Young Guns was possibly the most well-known band of the tour, New York pop-punkers, We Are The In Crowd. Fan favourite Tay Jardine led her four male counterparts out to an excitable Norwich crowd, but unfortunately technical issues meant that elements of opening track ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ were lost, including Tay’s vocals at times. Thankfully the issues were resolved for the most part and the party atmosphere picked up through sing-along classics such as ‘Kiss Me Again’ and ‘Rumor Mill’.


The most surprising of the announcements was likely to have been Don Broco. What is more surprising to some is that ‘Kerrang!’ put their faith in the Bedford four-piece by making them the 2015 headliners.

One look at Facebook will tell you that the headline act have the lowest amount of fans and need almost 100,000 more to catch up with second lowest, Bury Tomorrow. However, we knew as soon as we saw the announcement that ‘Kerrang!’ were 100% correct. Don Broco are fantastic showmen and were by far the best live act of the night. They smashed it at Reading & Leeds in 2013 and showed they were worthy of headlining ‘Hit The Deck’ that same year.

Rob Damiani came out first, with his t-shirt tucked into his jeans (who knew Don Broco could bring back tucking in your t-shirt and turtle necks in the same year?!). They jumped straight in with their new party hit ‘Money.Power.Fame’ before smashing through their hits, including fan favourite ‘Thug Workout’. After Rob, Simon and Tom did their synchronised walk during ‘Priorities’, they brought the house down with final track ‘You Wanna Know’. Norwich well and truly embraced Don Broco and with their second album due in May, 2015 has got their name written all over it.


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