Day 20: The Walking Dead Competition!

On Day 20, we asked you to take the best bits of all your favourite Walking Dead characters and present us with the ultimate Zombie Killer! We looked over lots of your creations but ended up going with May Bourne’s Ultimate Zombie Killer! Here is the list of attributes:

• Daryl’s Crossbow
• Michone’s attitude
• Beth’s kindness
• Merle’s arm sword
• Eugene’s Mullet
• Hershel’s Optimism
• Rick’s Leadership

Thank you to everyone that entered their Zombie Killing creations!

Day 21: Signed Band Poster Bundle!

On Day 21, we asked you to send in your huge band poster collections! We loved kaizerblaez’s entry which featured hundreds of band posters that had all been cut out and bunched together – making it look like the biggest group photo of all time!


We had a HUGE response for this competition, so thank you to everyone for submitting their band-wallpapered bedroom walls! There are just a couple of days left of advent competitions, so enter while you can!

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