Day 13: Signed CD Bundle Competition

For Day 13, we asked you to identify the four album covers we had tampered with to win a collection of signed CD’s. The answers were of course:

1) Metallica – Master Of Puppets
2) My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
3) A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy
4) All Time Low – Don’t Panic


We received tonnes of correct answers! The winner was chosen at random and the prizes went to Luke Hobbs!

Thanks for all of your entries!

Day 14: Anne Stokes Competition

For Day 14, we asked you to figure out the anagram… ‘NINURCO’ to win some awesome Anne Stokes signed prints and an exclusive merch bundle!

The answer was… ‘UNICORN’ which you all figured out! In the end, the winning entry came from Jenny Claridge!

Thanks again for all the entries, we still have plenty of daily competitions to participate in leading up to Christmas! So keep checking back daily!

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