Asking Alexandria UK Tour


Asking Alexandria @ Norwich UEA

Grindstore rocked up to the UEA in Norwich on Wednesday to see the first date of Asking Alexandria’s UK Tour with their American buddies Secrets, Crown The Empire & The Ghost Inside.

We met with the bands management prior to the gig to get some merch signed for future competitions – so watch this space to find out how you can win signed Asking Alexandria goodies very soon! We had to disturb the boys for signatures as they were getting inked…it doesn’t get much more rock n’roll than a quick pre-show tattoo!

We entered the venue as Secrets were ending unfortunately, but the crowd gave them a big send off so they must have made an impression on the Norwich crowd.

Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire roared on stage next with dual singer-shouter combo Andrew & David, they smashed through the first few songs before asking if anyone had heard of Crown The Empire, to which they were blown away by screams from the packed out UEA crowd.

As they ended an impactful set on ‘Rise Of The Runaways’ and ‘The Fallout’, it was clear that they had made a lasting impression in Norwich and are sure to pick up many new fans over the next two weeks.

Whilst wrapping up their set, Andrew and David let the fans know they would be hanging out at the merch stand so we went to ambush them for some video footage. Unfortunately, before he even made it to the merch area, David broke his thumb and spent the next hour with the doctors, so we waited for the line of excited teenagers to die down before going for a chat with Andrew.

Exclusive Video Message

Luckily Andrew was more than happy to have a private chat with us and was excited to hear we had new Crown The Empire merch at Grindstore! He recorded a little message for us which you can check out here!

Asking Alexandria Are Back!

It’s easy to forget that Asking Alexandria are born and bred Englishmen, seeing as they spend most of their time living stateside, but the England flag wrapped around Danny Worsnop’s mic stand suggests that the boys are enjoying being home.

Danny, who seemed to be dressed from the same wardrobe as Axl Rose – but working it better than the Guns N Roses frontman, was in great spirits as he swayed through opening tracks ‘Don’t Pray For Me’ and ‘Run Free’. Though his past reputation may sometimes over shadow his true talent, his voice was on exceptional form. This guy can scream, shout and throw his voice about with ease through melodic tracks such as ‘Moving On’ to heavy hitters like ‘The Final Episode’.

Throwing in snippets of Pantera’s ‘Walk’ and Linkin Park’s ‘One Step Closer’, Danny and Bruce worked the crowd effortlessly, even when jokingly claiming that Asking Alexandria was just a stepping stone for their promising and fictional Stand Up Comedy act.

Before charming the Norwich crowd some more (mainly the females in the front row), Asking Alexandria concluded their opening night in the UK with a triple dose of songs from their ‘From Death to Destiny’ album with ‘Killing You’, ‘The Death Of Me’ & ‘Poison’ before departing for round two in Nottingham.

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Black Veil Brides Are Back!


BVB and Friends @ Norwich UEA

As Black Veil Brides have been our best-selling band on Grindstore throughout 2014, we thought we would pop down to see them perform to their army of fans in Norwich. Before we saw the guys, we had three support acts to check out from the ‘Black Mass’ UK tour. Up first were the eccentric duo ‘Drama Club’ who brought head banging, heavy dubstep and an impressive visual screen display to the UEA.

Technically the closest venue to their home town of Beccles – ‘Fearless Vampire Killers’ appeared to a good reception as they proclaimed it was “good to be home”. Initially there were some sound issues but as the singers traded places, things picked up and they played through their crowd favourites, signing off on a triumphant high with ‘At War With the Thirst’.

With an audience of mostly teens and their parents, it was interesting to see how Chris from Attila would go down with the Norwich crowd as he dropped the F-Bombs and middle fingers but the Atlanta natives smashed through some huge riffs in ‘Shots for the Boys’ and ‘Party With The Devil’. Thankfully it seemed his tongue was firmly in his cheek, grinning from ear to ear as he took in the awesome response from the crowd. Frontman Chris must also be admired for his ridiculously fast rapping skills and his questionable dress sense (leggings and leather shorts).

As the crowd waited patiently, everything and everyone was getting a nervously excited cheer from the crowd – the sound technician, the lighting being tested, the screen being turned on, even the guy placing water bottles around the stage – any movement was mistaken for the boys in black appearing on stage. When Black Veil Brides did finally appear, the deafening sound of screams drowned out the opening riff to brand new single ‘Heart of Fire.’ The band in comparison to when we saw them back in 2013 have definitely upped their game and are a real force to be reckoned with! An impressive stage set, smoke cannons, screens and an atmospheric light show added to the catchy hooks of every song on the set list. Before a single song encore, Andy recalled a memory of their last appearance in Norwich when the fans managed to break the door off their tour bus! Chaos was controlled on the floor as they smashed through a mostly fan-sung rendition of ‘In the End’ before disappearing.

Black Veil Brides are growing to dizzy heights and the next time we see them could potentially be in an arena if the packed out Norwich show was anything to go by!

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