Reading Festival 2014 – Grindstore Day!


Reading Round-Up!

Last week we went to Reading Festival for what we re-named ‘Grindstore Day’. A whole day of live Grindstore bands (and Macklemore) on a sunny bank holiday afternoon, and we weren’t disappointed.

The Story So Far kicked things off with their bouncy pop-punk to wake up the mostly hung-over crowd at Sunday lunch time. Though they seemed a little overwhelmed by the huge stage and ever growing crowd, the second half of their set got a great response.

This lead nicely into Aussie rockers Tonight Alive. Jenna McDougall’s outfit was the most noticeable of the day – a fluffy black beanie hat, hoodie and bright orange flared trousers, whilst doing her skanking dance moves. The other most noticeable thing about Tonight Alive was Jenna’s voice – the best of the day and a reason why these guys are getting noticed more and more. They ended on ‘Lonely Girl’ – their biggest hit from recent album ‘The Other Side’ which the Reading crowd loved.

Up next was the long awaited return of Young Guns. The boy’s previous album was hugely popular with single ‘Bones’ being a huge success in America, leading to them touring across the pond for months. Now back with new track ‘I Want Out’, Young Guns seem ready to gain more recognition in their native land. They played 3 new songs which showed a new sound – more synth keyboards and heavier riffs but still as catchy as ever. Crowd favourites ‘Dearly Departed’ and ‘Bones’ made their set memorable.

One of the surprises of the day was nu-metal legends Papa Roach with a fiery hour long set of classics from their 15+ year career. Jacoby Shaddix was on top form, seemingly having more energy than any of the younger bands and spending more time down with the fans than on stage. Not to mention mooning the camera, taking control of another camera and rocking out with Shrek. The Reading crowd knew virtually every song, even the latest hits from 2012’s ‘The Connection’ album. The payoff was being a part of the karaoke style sing-along to ‘Last Resort’ at the end of a 10/10 set.

Teen favourites Sleeping With Sirens were up next as frontman Kellin Quinn hit notes we didn’t even know were possible for a man! A response of constant screaming from the young crowd showed that the Orlando 4-piece have a devoted and loyal fan base. Playing a mixture of old favourites and new tracks from last years ‘Feel’ album, Kellin and the gang went down well. Finishing on ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn’, this set was a great warm up for their upcoming World Tour alongside Pierce The Veil.

The band on the Reading line-up who currently has our biggest merch sales is A Day To Remember, who looked to out-do every band on the line-up from the opening song. Circle pits opened everywhere and being such a dry day, dust clouds filled the air as the crowd ran around in circles, smashing into each other. There was something for all ADTR fans, classics like ‘The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle’, new favourites like ‘Right Back At It Again’ and acoustic numbers like ‘If It Means A Lot To You’ to briefly calm the crowd down. There were toilet rolls thrown from the stage, a pink luchador clown firing t-shirts to the crowd from a gun and the infamous zorb ball! Jeremy sprinted across the Reading crowd in the zorb ball creating one of the best moments of the day.

You Me At Six seem to have crossed over from being just a UK rock band, to an arena-filling success. A perfect set from the London 5-piece with an arena sized crowd bouncing along to every song. The first half of the set was purely classics with the boys smashing through songs like Underdog, Loverboy and Stay With Me one after the other. As they hit the half way mark of the set and the first new track of the day ‘Fresh Start Fever’ – All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth joined Josh on vocals to promote their upcoming co-headline tour in 2015. Ending on ‘Lived A Lie’, you can tell this song is going to be huge in an arena, meaning 2015 could be all about You Me At Six being one of England’s biggest and most successful bands.

The crowd were packed in for the headline act – the one and only, Californian legends, Blink 182. Various reviews have said the sound wasn’t the classic Blink 182 we know and love, partly down to Tom Delonge’s interesting vocals. However, when you’re stuck within a crowd of well over 50,000 fans, singing every single word and not standing still for a second, it’s hard to notice, or even care. This band are all about the party atmosphere and that’s what they are 100% guaranteed to bring. Every hit you remember was played, the best of the new tracks were thrown in too and even memorable album treats such as ‘Happy Holidays, You Bastard’ were there for the die-hard fans. It’s hard to be critical if the guys on stage are messing around and having fun, that’s what they are all about and that’s what we love. A great ending to Reading 2014, ‘Grindstore Day’!

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