Misfits Mayhem! The Assembly, Leamington Spa


We didn’t know what to expect when we heard we would be meeting the legendary horror punk rockers ‘Misfits’ at The Assembly in Leamington Spa. Misfits aren’t your average punk band…their stage set, songs and look are all horror movie inspired!

After decades of ups and downs, the band’s only original member is bassist and now singer, Jerry Only and we could not wait to meet him. Walking backstage, Jerry was on his mobile talking to a child about their school grades as he shook our hands and signed everything we chucked under his nose. After hanging up, we had a brief chat and mentioned that we stock Misfits merch at Grindstore and had done for many years. In an instant, he had members of his crew rushing off to give us free gifts to use as prizes such as awesome tour posters. We finished our chat and took some photos with him before departing for the gig.

During their set, Misfits smashed through new tracks ‘The Devil’s Rain’ and ‘Vivid Red’ as well as treating us to old favourites like ‘Scream!’ and ‘We are 138’. Barely pausing between the intensely bass filled and fast paced set list, Jerry Only commanded the stage with his huge physical presence and frequently threw his fists into the air. The band ended on the crowd favourite ‘Die, Die My Darling’ before saluting the Leamington crowd!

We must mention that the staff at The Assembly were superb to let us have free reign backstage and allowed us to sit amongst the band after the show. As the guitarist, Dez – who was sick and had lost his voice, was happily showing us photos of his dog on his iPad, it was clear that these horror themed musicians were the nicest of guys. Jerry Only was the last to appear backstage and you could hear him coming as he bellowed out songs as he entered the room. Kebabs were eaten, jokes were shared and equipment was boxed up as we mingled with the Misfits crew. Jerry was on fine form as he chatted with us about anything – from the band, touring, the UK, the eclectic furniture backstage (a bumper car, old fashioned arm chairs, a 50’s decked-out caravan & more) and even being involved in wrestling in the late 1990’s.) He didn’t just sign things for us to give away – he enthusiastically had time for anyone who wanted to speak with him. It was a fantastic experience to meet the band and we look forward to a future UK tour. As Jerry departed, he called over to us that he would save more stories of his past for next time – and we can’t wait!


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