New at Grindstore – Furrybones

If dead cute is your style then we’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE Furrybones!

Created by the Tokyo born artist Misaki Sawada, these plush toys are “a little dead and super cute” and guaranteed to put a smile on your face as they stare lovingly at you with their empty eye sockets.

We are currently stocking five of these adorable plush toys which measure 30cm (the perfect size for your desk or bedside table) and they come in the form of Unie, Black Bun Bun, Pandie, Black Mao Mao and Honeybear. So why not get acquainted with these lovely little monsters and discover all of Furrybones’ favourite costumes.

💀 Furrybones Black Bun Bun

💀 Furrybones Unie

💀 Furrybones Honeybear

💀 Furrybones Black Mao Mao

💀 Furrybones Pandie

Treat yourself to one of these lovable Furrybones and brighten up your day the cute way.



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