Record Store Day 2014

Thumbing through shelves of records in plastic sleeves. The smell of vinyl. Flicking through the liner notes. The crackle of anticipation as the needle drops into the first groove…


In 2014, music downloads cover a vast percentage of the ways in which we listen to our favourite tracks, but it wasn’t so long ago that something else gave us what we needed to feel the noise.

You may have noticed, sitting on the top shelf of your dad’s favourite room, a dusty old record player with its plastic lid covered in the remnants of thumb prints gathered over years of careful opening and closing. Housed in an untouched surrounding of classic vinyls in all shapes and sizes, the forefather of music players rarely stirs from its place on the shelf. dual_turntable_cs_505-3

From standard releases to rare picture disks, dads, uncles and maybe even older brothers are bound to have accumulated quite the impressive collection since Columbia Records first revealed their 33½ microgroove LPs in 1948.

Although standard production of LPs has dramatically faded out over the decades, there is one day a year which really pushes the boat out in rekindling and celebrating this iconic music format.

Since 2007, the third Saturday of every April has become known as Record Store Day and it is recognised throughout the world, with artists from all genres releasing limited edition vinyls and attending meet and greets at designated record stores. In 2014, this day falls on 19th April and there are some very exciting (and some less so) releases which have been revealed.

Smiley face Green Day have announced that they will be releasing their new album which is called ‘Demolicious’ and it features 18 demos as well as one previously unheard track which goes by the name of ‘State Of Shock’.
Smiley face Paramore will be releasing a 12″ broken record shaped version of their single ‘Ain’t It Fun’.
Smiley face Nirvana have revealed a 7″ of the track ‘Pennyroyal Tea’ which was the last single schedule for 1994 but it was never released due to the untimely death of their front man Kurt Cobain.
Smiley face My Chemical Romance (previous RSD record breakers – not literally) have also announced that they have got a commemorative t-shirt on offer which is named Coffin Rocker and Frank Iero is releasing a 7″ of his EP ‘for jamia…,’
Smiley face For anyone who might be interested, One Direction are also releasing a special edition vinyl of their ‘Midnight Memories’ single…we however are not so interested in that but we like to show equality amongst the genres 👍

So if you are a fan of the humble LP then make sure you find your local participating store and show your support however you can.

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