The Grindstore Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Grindstore.comIt’s that time of year again.

A Christmas list as long as your string of fairy lights has been thrust upon you along with the rarely seen (forced) smile of your son/daughter/niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandson and you are having to consider re-mortgaging the family home in order to foot the bill.

If you are in a Christmas quandary and wondering where to start when it comes to buying presents for the music mad people in your life, fear not as the Grindstore Team are here to help.

Packed with helpful hints for all ages, this festive gift guide is all you need to ensure you strike a power chord with the whole family on the big day.

Buying Band Merchandise As A Gift

If you are looking to buy band merchandise as a gift, please remember the following rules:

  1. Find out what bands they like
  2. Ensure the “sarcastic response level” is low enough to consider this a genuine answer
  3. Sneak a peek in their bedroom and make note of any posters on their wall for confirmation
  4. If all the above attempts are unsuccessful, buy a Grindstore gift voucher, put your feet up and have a well-deserved glass of wine

The Grindstore Grotto

If you’re stuck for gifts ideas visit the Grindstore Grotto for some alternative present ideas from including:

We’ve also got a range of gifts for under a tenner and gifts under a fiver, which are ideal as stocking fillers or as presents for Secret Santa.


When it comes to sizing, we have a few tips and tricks to ensure that you won’t be kitting out your friends and family in tents or trying to squeeze them into a toddlers t-shirt:

  1. Make use of your time behind the ironing board wisely and make note of and visible sizes on their clothes
  2. Remember that some girl enjoy wearing baggy men’s tees and some lads prefer wearing unisex skinny jeans
  3. Offer to polish their shoes/trainers/ballet pumps/football boots and sneak a peek at the size of their stompers
  4. If all else fails, sneak up on them and take their measurements in a brusque and efficient manner (pleading festive induced insanity if questioned as to your motives)

If, when partaking in any of the above, your cover is blown and Christmas shopping is mentioned in any subsequent conversations, feign ignorance and admit that Christmas is cancelled this year due to extortionate expenditure on alcohol and indoor LED reindeer ornaments.

Gift Vouchers


If the thought of having to track down a t-shirt which gives your recipient “the feels” sends you running for the hills, fear not as there is a simple option which will release you from any unnecessary pressure and/or blame. The amazing all-purpose gift voucher!

Available from £5 to £100, you can leave the gift buying to your intended recipient without a shred of guilt on your conscience.

To purchase a gift voucher, go to the fantastically festive gift vouchers page and enter the requested details.

Once the payment is completed, the recipient will receive an email with their voucher code which can be entered at the checkout section when they have chosen their goodies.

Using The Wishlist

This helpful feature is a must have for parents with a plan and it is perfect if your intended gift recpient already has an account with Grindstore.

If not then why not gently persuade them to sign up as you need a little help in catching up with modern music and hip new fashion trends.

Once an account is created, you and your family can add any item that takes your fancy onto the wishlist and this can then be printed off and referred to at a later date. (Please note, we are unable to hack into your peoples wishlists for security reasons so if you want to use their wishlist directly you will need to lull them into giving you their password or quietly sneaking up on them whilst they are browsing the website).

Placing your order

When the groundwork is complete and you have a comprehensive list of perfect presents at your disposal, it’s time to get down to business. There are a few ways that you can place an order depending on what is most convenient:

  1. Call our customer services team who will be happy to help from 8.30am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 4pm Saturdays right up until 21st December on 0844 88 00 600
  2. Place the order online by adding the items to your basket and clicking through to the checkout where you can pay via PayPal/Credit or Debit Card
  3. Place a cheque or postal order using the order form in the back of the Christmas catalogue (please note that cheques take around 5 working days to clear once the order is received)

When placing an order over the telephone, for convenience and speed it would be greatly appreciated if you could have the stock ID’s of the items to hand. These can be found in the catalogue below the picture of the item or to the right of the page below the price on the website (see below)

Screen shot

Last Order Dates

To save mad panic as the festivities grow closer, make sure you order your gifts in time with the help of our “Last Order Dates” guide. For full information, please visit our delivery page.

Delivery UK EU Rest Of World
Standard 3pm 20th December 3pm 12th December 3pm 5th December
Express 3pm 23rd December N/A N/A

Don’t forget that if you happen to miss the last postage dates, we can process gift voucher orders up until 5pm on 23rd December.

Exchanges and Refunds

Grumpy CatSo, Christmas morning has come and even after hours of careful plotting and planning, someone is unhappy with their gift and they are sitting at the dinner table with a face reminiscent of Grumpy Cat.

Thankfully, the Grindstore Team are prepared for such events and will be accepting returns for exchanges and refunds up until 10th January 2014. Just ensure the following criteria are present and correct:

  1. The item has not been washed
  2. All original tags are still attached (where applicable)
  3. The item has not been damaged/ripped/slashed/burned/graffitied upon in a fit of rage

All you need to do is fill out the returns section on the back of your invoice stating the reason for return and what you would like in exchange and the Grindstore Team will be happy to process your request ASAP.


What If…

If you still have any other questions then we would love to hear from you. Just pick up the phone and give us a call on 0844 88 00 600 and we will be happy to have a natter and go over any queries you may have. Alternatively drop us an email at or post a comment below.

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