New Band Merchandise

Fancy getting your hands on some new band merchandise? Then we want to hear from you!

What new bands you would like to see us stocking? If your favourite band t-shirt is no where to be seen, let us know and we will see what we can do to change it!

Who Should We Stock?

Just vote for your favourite below – add them in the “other” box if they’re not on there – and we will work some metal magic and see what we can find.
Uncle Skully needs you!


51 thoughts on “New Band Merchandise

  1. tom says:

    Love your store. On the site alot all I would like to say is please get more comic stock like more flash and maybe even aquaman and two face and riddler. Also wouldn’t mind see more ffdp stock or at leasrt there hoddies. But i love the store best shop in world for me

  2. Russell says:

    This store is great! I would appreciate it if you guys could put The Used wallet back in stock or give me a web address to where it’s from or can be found please.

  3. Jasey says:

    Love this store, but when will you guys get the Sleeping with Sirens world vest back in stock in small? And the Falling in Reverse ladies zombie t shirt in small?

  4. Ilse (._. ) ( ._.) says:

    Hey uhm. Do you by any chance have like separate chains you can put on trousers? Like, I love the split leg shorts and skinny jeans but I’d like to have them with chains on them.
    (Oh yeah, and I voted for Mayday Parade in Other)

  5. Katie says:

    I literally use grindstore all the time! It would be great to see some merch from Don Broco since they are one of my favourite bands! Also bands like A Day To Remember and Mayday Parade and more from Fall Out Boy, Tonight Alive, Lower Than Atlantis. Please please please, it would be perfect!

  6. Emma says:

    You guys need to stock a Motionless In White hoodie. I’ve been looking for one in the UK/Ireland for a year and a half! (I can only find the ‘Motherf*cking Infamous’ one, which my parents hate.. haha)

  7. Emma says:

    I know it’s not a band and what I’m about to say is off topic but you should stock merch of youtubers! District lines in the US stocks youtuber merch and that’s often the only place to buy them… I can guarantee you that loads of people would love Dan and Phil tshirts…
    Also, Tom Milsom is an amazing musician, I’d love to be able to purchase merch of his from somewhere outside of the US. He is British after all. Thanks for your time.

  8. Jasey says:

    The Getaway Plan please! No where has their merch, they’re such an amaing band! And maybe more ladies shirts for most bands? THANK YOU

  9. Felicia says:

    Please get some more Sleeping with Sirens merch in! There’s not much for girls; and maybe get some Bring me the Horizon women’s shirts in, too.

  10. mikki says:

    i personally think all the bands need to be updated especially pierce the veil, bring me the horizon, sleeping with sirens, a day to remember, simple plan believe me stocking updated versions of these bands will bring in sales i know many people in the uk attempting to buy things from hottopic but cannot afford the shipping, thus, attracting more business to grindstore because shipping will be cheaper hence more sales and customers.

  11. rosie says:

    i like this band called davey suicide but there murch is only in america so i think this store should stock it so the fans in the uk can get the murch

  12. Dan says:

    Ive noticed that you’ve already got some memphis may fire merch already in stock but the most popular sizes are out of stock. Are you planning to restock the merch in these sizes or stop with stocking MMF stuff?

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