Bloody Cuts – Exclusive to Grindstore

If zombies and vampires are a bit too tame for your liking then we have a feeling that our exclusive news this week is going to send shivers down your spine.
bloody cuts for beccy

Bloody Cuts is an anthology of short Horror films presented online as a free web series for the love and passion of UK horror filmmaking.” — Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton

Going by the gruesome name of Bloody Cuts, the British film company have been drenching the internet with their blood thirsty, gory and downright frightful short films since 2011 and recently, we got to meet the brains behind the business. Inspired by Bloody Cuts anthology of thirteen 3 – 10 minute horror films, we are dreadfully excited to announce the launch of a new and exclusive range of merchandise.

Cited as one of the most intense horror film companies around, it is only to be expected that they embraced triskaidekaphobia with their thirteen-piece anthology. So if you are a fan of the frightful and a follower of fear, feast your eyes on these chilling designs from Bloody Cuts.

Framed Prints

234420-87422 234419-87413 234415-87379
234414-87374 bc 234416-87393
234417-87395 234413-87368 234411-87425


234394-87417 234391-87387 234399-87375 234395-87426

Men’s & Ladies Clothing

234427-87447 234432-87457

See the full range of Bloody Cuts Film Merchandise here!



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