Buckle Up with Buckle Down

Whether you wear it to keep your jeans up around your waist, halfway down your backside or even as a simple fashion statement, there is no doubt that the humble belt is an accessory found in most wardrobes.

As the need for something more stylish than a dodgy beige strap becomes apparent, we are pleased to announce our new range of ‘Seatbelt Belts’. These trademark Buckle-Down belts were “Inspired by the backseats of the coolest cars around.” and now we have a massive range of designs available just for you!

So if you are looking for a unique belt to finish off your fashion then check out some of our best selling designs below or visit Grindstore for the full range. We also have an awesome new zoom function which we are rolling out and all of these belts are up and running on this feature so check it out and get a good look at your favourite products!

The Geeky Ones:

229924-85008 coit kitty1

The Super Heroes:

229861-85223 bat spr

The Cute as a Button Ones:

kitty moster yo

The Music Buffs:

aa2 b82 bvb

The Adventurers:

229864-85203 229919-84981 bro

The Sci Fi Fanatics:

jedi 229945-85104 229894-85168

The Dramatic Ones:

229931-85005 bad wd

The Grumpy One:


Sleeping With Sirens Tour

Back in May we opened our doors to you lovely lot and gave you the chance to go and see Sleeping With Sirens at one of their gigs for their 2013 UK tour. The entries came flooding in and we were pretty impressed with the quality of your arty skills!

Some of the winners were kind enough to send us in their pictures and videos from the gigs so we thought it only polite to put them into a blog for you all to admire. With plenty of pictures of Kellin and his daughter Copeland as special guest and loads more up close and personal pics of the SWS boys, this gallery of goodness is sure to keep you amused. Click on the pictures below to enlarge the thumbnails.

Norwich Waterfront – Megan Warner

London The Forum – Oliver Didd

Cardiff University – Sophie Owens

Southampton The Talking Heads – Ellen Alberti

Bristol O2 Academy – Hannah Giles

We would like to thank everyone who went to the gigs for their brilliant camera skills whilst no doubt bouncing around all over the place! We hope you enjoy your goodie bags which will be with you in the next few days.

Grindstore Band Chart

As another Friday is upon us, we thought we would give you a little something have a look at over the weekend while you’re picking out your new tees for Download, so we would like to give you a peek at our new chart!

As you may or may not have seen, our very talented technical team have been making some changes to the Grindstore website over the past few months and things are looking good! One of our biggest new additions is the Grindstore Band Chart which features the top 50 selling bands and how they compared to their previous position. So make sure you are always ahead of the game and grab yourself some hot fashion with a little help from the band chart. As it stands today, the top 10 is looking a little something like this: