My Chemical Romance – The End

“Being in this band for the past 12 years has been a true blessing. We’ve gotten to go places we never knew we would. We’ve been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We’ve shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure.”

—My Chemical Romance

The world of rock music was given a bit of a shake up last weekend with the announcement of My Chemical Romance’s break up. Across the world people were digging out their old MCR albums and having a good cry as they remembered the last 12 years of one of the most influential bands of the decade.

They first came about in 2001 mere days after the tragic September 11th plane crash when Gerard Way realised that he wanted to do something proactive with his life…and gosh didn’t he do it with a bang! So for anyone who has ever been touched by the influence of My Chemical Romance, this blog is a little homage to some of the band’s best bits from over the years to help you keep the memory of MRC alive and kicking.


220px-I_Brought_You_My_Bullets,_You_Brought_Me_Your_Love_cover In 2002, My Chemical Romance released their first album ‘I Brought You Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’ which included the first track written by Gerard Way ‘Skylines and Turnstiles’ as well as ‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’ and ‘Romance’.
Three+Cheers+for+Sweet+Revenge In 2004 the band released the album which put them in the limelight ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’ which featured the massive hit ‘I’m not Okay (I Promise)’ as well as ‘Helena’ and ‘The Ghost Of You’.
220px-Blackparadecover 2006 saw the release of My Chemical Romance’s defining album ‘The Black Parade’ which shot the band into the eyes of the world through its concept feel and relatable lyrics. The multi-platinum selling album was home to chart topping hits including ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’, ‘Teenagers’, ‘I Don’t Love You’ as well as stand out album tracks ‘This Is How I Disappear’ and ‘Disenchanted’. Reflecting on life, death and the afterlife, this concept album was the beginning of something big for Gerard, Frank, Ray and Mikey.
Album-Art-for-Danger-Days-The-True-Lives-of-the-Fabulous-Killjoys-my-chemical-romance-16032818-1024-1024 After the overwhelming success of ‘The Black Parade’ MCR continued with the concept album theme (although not specifically stating it was a concept piece) when they released ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’ in 2010. Set in a post-apocalyptic California in 2019, the four Killjoys Party Poison” (Gerard Way), “Jet Star” (Ray Toro), “Fun Ghoul” (Frank Iero), and “Kobra Kid” (Mikey Way) are fighting against the evil corporation ‘Better Living Industries’ aka BL/ind. Creating a new wave of the MCRmy, this album brought life to Killjoys across the world, forming an even greater alliance amongst the fans.
Mychemconvweap ‘Conventional Weapons’ was the fifth (and ultimately final) release by My Chemical Romance which was originally released as five double A-sides consisting of 10 previously unreleased tracks from 2009. Bringing with it a new band logo, this album could be seen as the beginning of the end of the sensational era of My Chemical Romance.


Since the bands arrival in 2001, their logo became somewhat of an icon with its simplistic and bold presence gracing the covers of albums, singles and merchandise. my-chemical-romance_logo
With the release of ‘The Black Parade’ the logo became more edgy and took on the appearance of a name scrawled into the back of a school book, giving it an even greater appeal to those wanting to show their love for the band. my-chemical-romance-logo
In 2012 to coincide with the release of ‘Conventional Weapons’ the logo was completely revamped with a more “manufactured” appearance. Completely losing the full band name in the logo, the use of the initials goes to prove the recognisability of the franchise with the circular forms representing a sense of infinity and enclosure. gg5btx4o9rtnli3hcpgv


In 2007, My Chemical Romance embarked on one of the most ambitious tours of the decade with their ‘The Black Parade World Tour’ which included 5 legs and over 100 venues. During each show the band performed the entire ‘The Black Parade’ album in the setlist as well as a second setlist / encore which included ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’, ‘Helena’ and ‘Give ‘Em Hell, Kid’. Dressed to the nines in black marching uniforms with an insane display of pyrotechnics, ‘The Black Parade World Tour’ was considered one of the most comprehensive and long running tours of all time.
In late 2010 the band set out on another world tour entitled ‘The World Contamination Tour’ which was a celebration of their ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’ and every show was opened with the sing along ‘Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)’. Including supports acts of Twin Atlantic, The Blackout and The Architects, it was nothing short of a sensational final tour for the fans to remember.

Famous Last Words

Since the announcement of the band’s split on Friday 23rd March 2013, the internet has been flooded with statements, quotes and messages from both the band and the fans so we feel it is only appropriate to include the (very) long and very heartfelt statement from the mastermind behind one of the most successful bands in recent music history followed by the aptly titled ‘Famous Last Words’ video for your viewing pleasure. From Gerard Way’s official Twitter account to anyone who has ever been touched by the words of MCR…

‘A Vigil, On Birds and Glass’

“My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die.
It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you.
I always knew that, and I think you did too.

Because it is not a band-
it is an idea.”

8 thoughts on “My Chemical Romance – The End

  1. Tamara says:

    I remember listening to The Black Parade for the first time ever when I was 11 years olf and completely falling in love with My Chemical Romance. So gutted that they have broken up, but I wish the members the best of luck.

  2. Emily says:

    I remember when I first got The Black Parade when I was in 6th grade. I listened to that album every single day I rode the bus, morning and afternoon. When I finally got my hands on 3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge, in 7th grade, I listened to that album every single day. I love the Bullets album, which I got towards the end of 8th grade. But I never liked Danger Days; I felt like that was the end of the band for me. I didn’t even bother with Conventional Weapons, although I heard it was better than the previous album. I have to admit, I wasn’t very upset when MCR broke up, because it seemed to me that they weren’t going to be making anything like their old stuff. My Chemical Romance will ALWAYS be my favorite band; I’ll never forget them.

  3. Kayleigh says:

    I was only into the band for a year before they pulled the plug. I bought their Danger Days album while on holidays last summer and since then I have been hugely dedicated. It scared some of my friends. When I heard they were recording a new album I went mental and could not wait. And then just 5 days before my birthday they announced it was done.
    MCR changed my whole life. I had a bad year and it was because of them that I am still here. I look forward to their future projects and hope that they return in a few years

  4. brooke mcdonald says:

    I can remember when I first listened to My chemical romance and I was about 10 or 11 years old. My older sister had the tree cheers for sweet revenge and danger days cds,so she got me to listen to them and from then I kept listening to them and brought their other albums. And they will always be my first and favourite band!

  5. Elena says:

    Ah, it feels good to remember the first song I listened to by MCR. It was the song Teenagers, and for some reason it made me laugh so hard since it was to true. I don’t remember, but still do listen to all of their songs that have impacted me and others I know today. It funny to think that when I heard of Welcome to The Black Parade, I almost cried listening to it since it was just that real. SERIOUSLY. And now that they broke up, it’s been a really hard thing to get over, even if it makes me look like a baby r something. But I do know one thing, and that is that My Chemical Romance will always be remembered by rock fans everywhere and that’s for sure.
    MCRmy Forever :’)

  6. Katie says:

    We blasted teenagers and welcome to the black parade on our prom night to remember that mcr had been in our lives for about 9 years and to mark the end of an era

  7. Carina says:

    I started listening to MCR shortly after they broke up when I was 13, the first song I heard was The Sharpest Lives and it definitely changed my mine. I was really upset when I found out they broke up and even though I wasn’t there when they were together, I think it’s wonderful that they continue to influence people and get them through hard times.

    I am now cringing beyond belief at what I’ve written, but hey, it’s the truth.

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