For the People…By the People II

Back in March of 2011, we put together an A-Z of the top rock songs of all time with the help of you lot. Two exciting years of music on and it’s time for round two of ‘For The People…By The People’…with a twist! Since we published the list all those months ago, we have seen an utter explosion of metal, thrash, rock and punk bands emerging onto the scene and some of the names have already concreted themselves into the foundations of the genres. To picture just a few of these once tiny whispers on the microphone and those bands who hadn’t even featured on a “What’s hot” list somewhere on the world wide web:

Can you imagine a world without Andy Biersack and co? Can you envision a land where Tonight Alive weren’t bringing the taste of down under to the stages of the world? Well neither can we!


So we think it’s time to compile a list of the top 30 rock, punk, metal and thrash songs of the 21st century. You can’t beat the classics but it’s time to let the youth shine through so drop us an email, join in on Facebook or Twitter (#Grindstoretop30), write us a letter or comment on the blog, let us know the name of the band and the song you think deserves the number one spot. If you need a little inspiration then make sure you check out the 2011 poll RIGHT HERE! This poll of utterly insane tunes will be running until Thursday 21st March and we will then publish the final list on Friday 22nd March to make sure that your weekend gets off to a rockin’ start.

So put your generic MP3 players on shuffle and get your votes in NOW! Eligible entries are any releases from 1st January 2000 – present day.

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