Day 15: Grindstore Advent Calendar


This competition is now closed.

Black Veil Brides Competition

  • Are you a true Bridesmaid? Show some love for BVBs with this awesome competition


  • 3 x Prizes: Each winner will receive a signed copy of the band’s 2011 album, ‘Set The World On Fire’


  • Just let us know why you are Black Veil Brides biggest fan

How to Enter

  • Just add your answer as a comment below or email your answer to along with your name and contact details

Closing Date

  • This competition will end at mid-day on Monday 17th and the winners will be announced during the afternoon.

Enter any competition and be automatically entered in the mega draw on Christmas Eve.

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25 thoughts on “Day 15: Grindstore Advent Calendar

  1. Kate Dixon says:

    Black veil brides are my life. They have changed me in so many ways. 2 years ago, I was just a girl that listened to pop music a nd hated rock/heavy metal. Until one day I was watching starz tv and fallen angels came on. I loved them so much and wanted to know more about them. After a while, I became addicted and couldnt get enough of them. Black veil brides saved my life and stopped me from becoming a vicious bully who hated different types of music without even listening to it. Through black veil brides, a whole new world of music became available to me and i then discovered bands such as Slupknot, Marilyn Manson, asking Alexandria etc… Which I could not live without. Basically, I love black veil brides more than life it’s self and my life would be empty without them and I’m sure many other people’s would be to! They are my saviours! God bless black veil brides! ā¤

  2. Georgina Smith says:

    Since Set the World on Fire BVB have been my favourite band. They have grown as a band and produce amazing songs with inspirational lyrics. I can’t go a day without listening to their music and I love how they don’t care about their haters. They are all inspirational people and teach me to be who I am and not give in to anybody.

  3. Becky Atkins says:

    Bvb are just purely an amazing band. Their songs mean so much to me and has helped me get through the toughest times an the best of times. The awesome sounds off their albums are amazing and beautiful ! They are a band who I care deeply about and are splashed all around my bedroom walls :). The fantastic lyrics always move me and I can always relate to them. It’s hard to put into words how I feel about, people can say their just a band and nothing more, but to me they are my world, they have changed my life for the better. Weather I’m feeling down and alone or super hyped and moshin about, bvb are always there and I love them so much for everything they have done. Truly the most inspirational band for me and they’ve made me want to do so much more with my life thanks to them. ā¤

  4. gracii says:

    I am because they’re my friends, before they’re ny favourite band. Even when I was in the darkest times and thought i had no one, i had my bvb. Every one of there songs means something special to me, because nomatter how im feeling there’s always a song to show my emotion. They always make me smile when i need cheering up. Black veil brides isn’t just music, black veil brides are life savers ā¤

  5. Chaxxs says:

    I am their biggest fan because the songs they write influence me to stand up for myself and others around me. Also because the songs teach me to be myself and have a good time whatever I am doing!!! And that its okay to be different because no matter how you look or dress, you can always be accepted in the BVB Army!! BVB Army for life!!!

  6. Gina Murphy says:

    i’ve only recently gotten into BVB, but i’ve become a huge fan in the last few months, they’re a band that i wish were around when i was going through a really bad stage in my life, as i’m pretty sure they’re music would’ve helped me so much. the reason i believe i’m one of their biggest fans is because i truly believe in what they stand for. i might not know all they’re songs word for word, or have every single bit of merch, but merch is only a material item and i don’t need to know all the lyrics correctly, instead i can listen to what they have to say, i can hear the beautiful melodies they create. when i listen to their music, i become invincible. their music helps inspire me artistically and a lot of my paintings have been influenced by them. (unfortunately, i think i scared my painting tutor last year with my talk of Lucifer and Fallen Angels and my lecturers in art college now think i’m half mad!) i also may have dressed up as Andy for Halloween…the make up, the clothes, the whole shebang….it took me 3 months to get the whole outfit together!!!

  7. Erin Gilvary says:

    I am black veil brides biggest fan ever šŸ˜€ my whole is covered with pictures of andy, ashley, jake, cc and jinxx šŸ™‚ i cried when i wasnt allowed to go see them in belfast and refused to take to mum+ dad, i love reading auto biographys about andy hes so inspiraring šŸ™‚ Their music is just wow, it helps me when i feel sad and then the next thing i know im sitting head banging away to it šŸ˜€

  8. Emily-Katja Roubicek (EmilyStrange) says:

    I know every lyric to all of their new songs and the last thing I say at night to the posters above my bed at night is Good night guys, I love you andy
    I have 7 BVB posters in my room and I have listened to knives and pens 1079 times on my Ipod just this past 2 weeks
    I can have one of thier songs (In the end) on repeat on my Ipod and not get sick of it EVER!!!!!
    They are my fave band and I would do anything for them, even throw my self under a bus if they told me to.
    I even dream that my band and I are playing gigs with BVB on stage at download
    I even cry about the fact that I will probably never get the chance to meet these guys and yet I feel like I know them as if I grew up with them.
    I’m going to see them on the K! tour on the 15th of Feb and I am going to dress up like Andy because he is A. my role model and B. I wish, with ALL MY HEART that I could meet and sing with him.
    I really hope I get to win šŸ™‚

  9. Gabrielle says:

    I love BVB! I have every album, and love them. I love songs most people dont even know, one of my favorites is sweet blasphemy. I have some of there merch, and many posters on my wall. I stand by all the changes they have made lately, and i think it is good for them. They have moved on, and found there place, and continue to make amazing music. I will always be part of the BVB army. Andy is a brilliant singer and writer, Ashley is amazing on guitar and my favirote band member. Black Veil Brides forever ā¤

  10. Aljona Klimik says:

    are you kidding?
    This isnt a serious question.
    I love BVB since .. actually i dont know.
    It was a fortune that i listen to them. I watched some youtube videos and tahn i listen to BVB. and …it was amazing. I dont wanna talk shit like they changed my life and blabla. But they are really amazing. If i tink back, as i saw them the first time at a concert in germany i really start crieing. I’m not kidding, You cant belive how stunning it was. I hope you understand what i mean. ans sorry for the bad english i tried my best ’cause i would do nearly everything for my idols šŸ˜‰

  11. Suzan Pandora Boylan says:

    Black veil brides to me are the truth, they explain the world in the eyes of someone honest and understanding. I have loved black veil brides since i first heard their music (which I will be honest, was not at the very beginning but at the album ‘We stitch these wounds’) which gave me a real view that I could be who i wanted. I have their photo on my wall, next to the mirror to remind me every day as i get ready that, no matter what the people say to me, how i look and act is my choice and their beauty can be shown through me. Listening to Black Veil Brides gave me confidence in myself to accept how i look, dress and even feel. Their lyrics are so emotionally fantastic that although anyone could place themselves in the same position, when you stand and watch them from the front row, you cant help but feel they are talking directly to you.
    Black Veil Brides are my idols, and i cannot wait to see them again šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  12. Emma H says:

    I have loved BVB for 3 years now, they saved me from my depression and anxiety. I listen to their music everyday and know all the words to all of their songs. I went to see them in April it was my first concert ever and it changed my life! I am going to see them again in February next year! I stayed up all night refreshing the page until the tickets were on there i was the first person to buy them for the Bristol date! šŸ˜€ I was suicidal and they pulled me out of it with their message that its okay to be yourself and to stay strong when times are hard thanks to them I am now 1 year self harm free and have gone back to college to make my life better. Without them i wouldn’t be here. my walls are covered in pictures and my mum dressed up and Jinxx and made me a black veil brides birthday cake for my birthday šŸ˜€

  13. Tia says:

    I love Black Veil Brides because they were the first band that I listened to that got me into the music I am into now. Their song Saviour saved me. They inspire me to be myself and not care what people say. They mean a lot to me even though I don’t know them personally. I idolise ever member. I know all lyrics to all songs. If I meet them when I see them in February my life would be complete. Each member means the same to me I don’t like one member more than the other, because each member forms my favourite band and without them my life would be different

  14. Brielle Sanderson says:

    I’ve been a fan since God knows how long, I’ve stuck by them throughout thick and thin and will continue to do so. There’s not one BVB lyric that I don’t know, and not one Bryan Stars BVB interview that I can’t quote from start to finish. All of my social networking sites have BVB in the title, my Twitter, my Tumblr, my YouTube, I make fan videos for them and post them on YouTube, here’s an example, I spent ages on this video and I’m really proud of it!

    If you asked any of my friends how much I love BVB, they’d simply tell you that I never shut up about them, day in, and day out. I act as if I’m friends with BVB and tell my friends all the gossip going on in the members lives.

    I’ve never felt more part of something more than I do Black Veil Brides. They have continued to help me no matter what, and I don’t know what I would have done without their lyrics. To have a signed STWOF CD would literally be the cherry on top of my Christmas. Thanks for reading!

  15. Ryan Chamberlain says:

    Well I started listening to them after a friend recommended them. I bought We stitch these wounds and it really got to my heart. I loved how their lyrics spoke true meaning to my life and from that point, I always went as one of them for Halloween. Even though I had not so nice comments thrown at me for looking that way, I still show my dedication by dressing as them every year. I had watched the new video for In the end and I just think it is so amazing how a song like that could be so much of an inspiration to me to really stand up to my haters. Oh and I really am looking forward to BVB in the KERRANG! tour. Also I just really love their make up. So that’s about it I think ///_^)

  16. Beky Flowers-Sargent says:

    Black Veil Brides are a big inspiration too me as they were the first band I herd that I liked, they formed me into what I am now which is a rock and metal loving music fan. I will always be grateful and support them as what they gave me was a new look on life, they best way to look at life and I’ve never looked back.

  17. Olivia Howard says:

    I first found out about Black Veil Brides In April this year and have been in love ever since. Before them, I listening to crappy pop music, but when I heard them I found out what real music was. They have changed my life completely. My whole bedroom is dedicated to them, my walls are covered with quotes,posters and lyrics all from BVB. I live my life by the “Never Give in, Never Back down” Quote. I Own 6 pieces of Merchandise: 2 tops, 2 wrist bands, and 2 necklaces and I wear one of the necklaces everyday<3 My friends get sick of me talking about them everyday:) My love for them has taken over my life and I love it:) Thank You BVB for changing my life the way I want it to be!

  18. Natalie Thirsk says:

    A lot of people will enter this competition saying how Black Veil Brides saved their life which I won’t argue against..I understand a devotion to a band can be enough to save someone but that isn’t the reason I love Black Veil Brides. Since the summer of 2011, relaxing on a lazy summers day on my boyfriends sofa flicking through the music channels when I saw: Jinxx, Ashley Purdy, Andy Biersack, Christian “CC” Coma, and Jake Pitts appear on the television screen. At first I though oh they’re just a new band with a one hit song. That was until I heard it playing on the radio and I decided to give in and listen to what the fuss was about. Hooked wasn’t the word after my first listen.
    Once I’d listened to Fallen Angels I realized what the lyrics truly meant and how inspirational they truly are. When people asked me who my favourite band were at the minute I naturally said Black Veil Brides, this got me a lot of looks of disgust and questions as to ‘who the hell are they?’ and told ‘they’re faggots’ which then earned them a 1 finger salute from me.

    As times in life grew harder my level of understanding Black Veil Brides lyrics also increased. Many snippets of lyrics written subtly on my right arm were what got me through the hard days and kept me smiling.

    I was slowly starting to loose confidence in myself, my life and my ability to sing when I came across a video of BVB performing at Download ’12 when Andy said (and I quote..from spending 10 minutes sat there typing it up phrase by phrase) ‘there is no-one in the world that is more appreciative of our fan base than we are because we know how many mother fuckers give them shit every single day for liking this band. i’m fucking proud of you for standing your ground and listening to what you want to fucking listen to’ This immediately made me think what the hell am I doing letting pathetic people get to me and changed my whole out look on life with this in mind.

    For family reasons my first tattoo will not be Black Veil Brides lyrics but it will be second and it will be my joint favourite with my memorial tattoo. I WILL be having ‘Wild and running for one reason they can’t stop us from our freedom’ tattooed around my right wrist and the lyrics ‘Never give in, never back down, fight against all the odds’ tattooed on my right thigh. Yes I favour the right side of my body as it is my strongest and reflects my passion for music (also fueled by how far Black Veil Brides have come despite the hate and abuse)

    I never dreamed I’d be part of an army until I discovered Black Veil Brides.
    One day I hope to work in the music industry and work with this amazing, inspirational, beautiful, ‘pretty ass men’

    Forever a BVB Army soldier.


  19. sinead says:

    they have changed my life, every day I come home and listen to them. They make getting through the day better because I iknow as long as I listen to them I know it will be ok, I love them

  20. Emma Butler says:

    I’ve already emailed this to beccy but it might not have sent properly so :
    I’m Black Veil Brides biggest fan. This isnt because I have all their cd’s they’ve ever released or have always seen them live in concert. The reason why I am the biggest fan is because they helped me find my best friend, Kaitlyn (who also shares my title!) and I have to thank them so much for that. Until I met Kaitlyn, I had known no-one else who loved BvB’s music as much as I did and still do presently! My friend jennifer, who is a great friend of mine without liking BvB, told me her friend Kaitlyn was hooked on BvB just like I am and also has a massive crush on Andy as I do: just even having so much in common to do with the band before I had even met her was totally amazing!! Met up with this amazing girl and we got on straight away: only having to fight over Andy was our disagreement in the end, but we aggreed we would share him :3. Since then, she has been my best friend ever and I dont know what i would do without her! Thanks so much to Andy, Jinxx, AShley, Jake and Christian, for helping me find someone I couldn’t live without, through ur music ā¤
    (btw there was pictures in the email of me and kaitlyn with Biersack and Purdy written on our arms and then a picture of me and her. Sorry if you actually got the email and if you have, please take the pictures from there but keep this description: THANKYOU!!!)

  21. Liam Hayward says:

    Well I started listening to them 5 years ago and have met them each 4 times on tour and music festivals, i’ve sent them gifts and letters and they’ve never sent anything back so this would almost be like what they’re sending back i guess

  22. mara says:


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