Ben Bruce News!!

So…It appears that after all your likes and comments yesterday, we have our side of the bargain to fulfil regarding exciting Ben Bruce news.

As we all know, Asking Alexandria are one of rocks biggest bands of the right here, right now and lead guitarist Ben Bruce has only gone and been nominated for 2012’s “Hottest Male” (obviously). Now, not only has he got the smokin’ hot looks of a true rock star, but he has also got a business head on his shoulders…which is why he released his NEW clothing line ‘BB Clothing’.

Since its release it has only been available in USA…until now…

As of mid-August, will be stocking a selection of men’s and women’s clothing from the range and if it is a success, we’ll get on the case and order in a truck load more designs to keep you happy!

So if you are a fan of Asking Alexandria and their gorgeous guitarist then make sure you keep your eyes out for some shiny new merch over the next couple of weeks.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

4 thoughts on “Ben Bruce News!!

  1. Serenatyanne Aidener says:

    Asking alexandria are amazing and id love to see the ben bruce clothing i may order some to go with my shorts and skinnies ❤

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