Slipknot Competition

This competition is now closed.

If you are a fan of Slipknot then you really…REALLY want to get in on this competition! We are offering one lucky winner a signed Slipknot poster which has been signed by all nine members including the late, great Paul Gray as well as a signed ‘All Hope is Gone’ CD to match!

The autographs on this poster are NOT printed; they are genuinely hand signed by Joey Jordison (#1), Chris Fehn (#3), Corey Taylor (#8), Craig Jones (#5), Shawn Crahan (#6), Jim Root (#4), Sid Wilson (#0), Mick Thomson (#7) and Paul Gray (#2)

How to Enter

If you fancy your chances at winning this hard to come by item then all you need to do is design your own, original Slipknot mask and send it in to us. You can either use our Slipknot mask template or if you’re feeling really creative then why not design your own.

  1. Post it as a comment on this blog below
  2. Stick it up on Twitter (@Grindstore)
  3. Email it to
  4. If you’re feeling really retro then why not pop it in the post.

This amazing competition opens…NOW…

and will be closing at 1pm on 30th July!


So Slipknot fans, happy doodling and may the best mask win!

Man Alive! Its…The Word Alive!

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are quite a few words in the ol’ dictionary, so in today’s lesson, we are going to be learning about The Word Alive. They are the new (ish) Arizona quintet…and they are here to blow your goddam socks off.

Although the band have previously released two studio albums (Empire and Deceiver) it is only now, in 2012 that The Word Alive are finally getting the recognition they deserve. They take metalcore to a whole new level in their upcoming album ‘Life Cycles’ with a mixture of audacious song writing, blood vessel bursting (manly) screams and ear shattering riffs as well as a song made to break even the coldest of hearts,  ‘Astral Plane’ (give it a listen…we dare you).

Made up of Tony Pizzuti, Tyler Smith, Zack Hansen, Daniel Shapiro and Luke Holland, these guys know how to rock a crowd. So if you’re interested in giving them a little look then why not check out their new album ‘Life Cycles’ which was released on 3rd July on Fearless Records.

If you enjoy the album and fancy strutting your sexy stuff in some ‘The Word Alive’ merchandise then why not let us know via Facebook / Twitter / maybe just give us a call if you fancy a natter (0844 88 00 600) , and we will see what we can do.

We hope you enjoyed today’s lesson, if you have any suggestions for future subjects then give us a shout in any of the above mentioned ways.