My Chemical Romance – A Lesson in Creativity

Here at Grindstore, we have recently got our mitts on the fabulous new My Chemical Romance Killjoys poster which seems to be blowing a lot of people’s minds at the minute!

We have also found the little story of how the image came about so we thought we would share it with those of you who love a bit of MCR news…because we’re pretty great like that.

Brazilian graphic artist, Gabriel Ba was enjoying breakfast in San Diego in the company of the one and only Gerard Way who was showing off the concept art for the band’s (then) new album “Danger Days: The true lives of the fabulous Killjoys”. In sheer excitement, Ba decided to come up with his own interpretations of what he had seen and his work has ended up on the bedroom walls of My Chemical Romance fans across the globe.

If you love the poster then why not take a little peek at the step by step production of the drawing in pencil, ink and solid colour via the thumbnails below.

Killjoys pinup - pencil Killjoys pinup - half inked
Killjoys pinup - ink Killjoys Pinup - flat colors
Killjoys artwork final MCR Killjoys Poster

If you love the poster then you can grab your very own copy from or see our full range of My Chemical Romance merch.

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