The Father of Loud

5th April seems to be turning into a day of remembering some true legends of the music industry. In 1994, we lost one of the most iconic grunge rockers at the age of 27 and his name was Kurt Cobain. Today, as we celebrate his life, 18 years since his death, we say a sad but fond farewell to one of the most renowned innovators in the music industry.

Dr. Jim Marshall OBE was the brains behind the one and only Marshall Amps and he changed the way that music was produced by the bands and heard by the masses.
Born in 1923, Jim Marshall’s story is truly that of rags-to-riches. Even though he grew up with tubercular bones, this did not stop him from becoming the founder and creator of one of the most important tools in the music industry. Had it not have been for his meticulously well-made amplifiers, the sound of rock music would not be as loud and proud as it is today.

To name but a few, Jim Marshall was responsible for the creation of the Bluesbreaker, the Marshall Stack, Marshall JCM800, the Plexi and of course, the little baby from which all others spawned, the Marshall JTM 45. Having invented one of rock’s greatest assets, it was pretty much a given that some of the genres most respected names would soon be hopping on the band wagon and trying their talented hands at these sensational sound machines. Slayer, The Who, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Greenday, Nirvana, Blur, Oasis, KISS, Iron Maiden and Motorhead are just a select few of the bands who have used Marshall Amps to create their unique sounds and unforgettable stage performances.
There is no one better to pay tribute to “The Guv’nor” than those who worked closest to him so please take a moment to read this heart felt statement from Marshall Amplification.