Sonisphere UK Bites the Dust!

The summer of 2012 was set to be one of the most tantalising times for festivals in the UK with Download’s 10th anniversary, Bloodstock Open Air’s ear bashing band selection and a throttling line up announced for Sonisphere. However on a warm spring afternoon in March, our humble nation was rocked with the news that Sonisphere UK has been cancelled.

When #sonisphere began trending on social networking site Twitter on 28th March, we (as did many) assumed it was something to do with an epic announcement (of the line up kind). But much to our dismay, the word going round was the possible cancellation of one of the biggest rock festivals to grace the plains of Knebworth.

It soon became clear that this little snippet of news was leaked by none other than Queen (the iconic 80’s rockers…not the lady we have to thank for another bank holiday this year). The tear jerking announcement was put up on their official website yesterday but once the droplet of information had turned into a tidal wave of panic, ‘Queen Online’ took the statement down during the late afternoon.

Although rock fans of the world have been cradling their tickets against their tear soaked cheeks over night and wishing upon all the twinkling stars in the sky that the rumour is just that; Sonisphere promoters Kilimanjaro have confirmed this morning that the massive UK rock festival has been cancelled. For the full statement, click the heart wrenching line up below.

This blow comes after a long battle to keep Sonisphere on the calendar, and with competition from Download and its smashing line up including Europe (of Final Countdown fame…not the actual Union) Metallica and Progidy as well as many more and a fist full of other insane festivals out to rock your socks off; to some, it came as no surprise that Sonisphere was the next festival to suffer a harsh death.

Queen’s Roger Taylor and Brian May released the following statement with regards to their next move; “We are disappointed to hear of the cancellation of the Sonisphere Festivals as we were very much looking forward to performing with Adam Lambert and particularly as the venue was Knebworth, our last stand with Freddie. We apologise for the disappointment to all those who were looking forward to seeing us. We are working to see if we can redress the situation at some other venue.”

So what’s next for the rest of the Sonisphere line up? Will we be seeing Marilyn Manson at the checkouts in Tesco? Maybe The Blackout will be serving you your next kebab? We think not!! Whether they will end up at Donnington…maybe they will travel the seas and find a home at Sonisphere in Europe. Whatever happens, all we know is that the loss of this epic festival has shuddered the bones of the world of rock and we can but keep our little pinkies crossed that 2013 will be the year that Sonisphere comes back with a bloody great bang!

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