Who are Motionless in White?

They are at one with the benefits of a Sharpie and they are certainly not what you would expect to emerge from the humble and cultured streets of Scranton in Pennsylvania…but never the less, the world has come to worship the likes of Motionless in White. Front man Chris Cerulli was transformed from your average football playing school lad to make up wearing, PVC clad rock monster overnight thanks to iconic metal bands such as Metallica and Misfits. His journey of self-discovery lead him on a path to something more than A-Levels and laddish behaviour…he became…Chris Motionless. In 2005, he paired up with fellow metal head Angelo Parente and Motionless in White was well and truly spawned…so let’s meet this group of Manson look a-likes:

Chris Motionless Angelo Parente Joshua Balz
Ryan Sitkowski Ricky Olson Devin Sola

Now, there is no denying that if it was worth a listen the first time round, we all love a good re-release. And that is exactly what is happening right now with MIW’s debut album ‘Creatures’. Originally released in 2010, the album paid homage to the bands fans who are commonly referred to as their ‘creatures’.  Including the religion bashing ‘Immaculate Misconception’ (video below for those who are yet to see this utterly manic display…not for the feint hearted) and their 2010 debut single ‘London In Terror’, this album promises to lure in a whole host of new fans for the second time around. Released on 26th March 2012 ‘Creatures’ is a strongly recommended addition to your music repertoire if you like tunes which will dangle you from your feet off the edge the establishment we call sanity.

Whether you are a long time Motionless fan or you are now coming round to their ideas of individuality and Chris’ “F**k it” attitude to haters, this group of dirt bathed, tattoo adorned opinionated young men is guaranteed to get you in the mood for a good thrash about!

Motionless in White were one of Grindstore’s hot new bands for 2012 so we are super excited that they are storming the world of metal and to celebrate their success, we will be stocking some awesome new merchandise over the next couple of weeks. But until then, if you’re looking for some rockin’ threads to get all sweaty in as you mosh around to MIW then let your blackened eyes roam to the links below and satisfy your hunger for these make-up clad creatures of the night.

And yes…there is cussing on the back of the Immaculate Misconception t-shirt but if you are easily offended then you should probably find yourself a new favourite band!

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