Tricks, Treats and Halloween Haunts

One of our favourite holidays is upon us and we’re looking forward to what lies in store under the shadowy veil of Halloween. Whether you will be carving out your Jack-o’lanterns or gathering around a roaring bonfire to share scary stories, we want to know the dark depths you will be going to to ensure that this Halloween is the best in the land.

It was not until the mid 19th century that carved pumpkins were associated with Halloween, but since their arrival, they have become one of the biggest symbols of the holiday with door steps and driveways around the world becoming laden with these creepy, candle lit carvings. With Halloween associating with the imagery of death, mythical monsters and the occult, it is no surprise that many people choose to stay in their homes and feed sweets through their letterboxes as children and adults alike dress in supernatural attire in an attempt to “trick or treat” their unsuspecting victims!

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From spooky songs to petrifying pranks and terrifying Jack’O Lanterns; we want to know what and your mates are getting up to over the Halloween weekend so send us your pictures and we will put the best ones up on Facebook for everyone to see!

Whether you will be out to trick your neighbours with devious deeds or you are looking for a hollowed out pumpkin full of sweets, just remember the devilish origins of this holiday celebration as the souls of the dead rise once again to play their very own tricks on the land of the living!