So, the epic Download has been and gone *boo*. It only seems like 5 minutes ago that we were counting down the weeks but alas, all good things must come to an end. In this case it is to make way for even more legendary summer festival goodness including SONISPHERE, BLOODSTOCK, READING & LEEDS and many more!

As promised, we have got some Download gossip from one of our Army who was moshing her socks off for the entire 5 day camping venture! So why not sit back, relax, grab a cold beverage and remember some of your own Download memories as GS Cadet Robyn Matthews recalls her experience…

Having left Norwich at 6.30am with a car full of excited rockers, the journey to Donington Park was long, yet charged with positive vibes. Upon arrival, the scene was packed with cars and pedestrians who had driven and walked from their far off lands to be there, many displaying “Honk if your horny for Download” stickers (cars that is, not pedestrians). Amongst the thousands of cars packed with hundreds of thousands of eager faces and tents bursting from the boots, Robyn finally pitched up at “Camp Inbred” at around 1.30pm with her trusty band of merry (some a little too merry) men and women.

Although camp site food is frowned upon through the furrowed brows of many, this lot trotted off to check out the delicacies…this is when they came across “Bagel Dude”, standing proud in his bagel stall, waiting to serve the next hungry Downloadian.

After their fuel up, they headed back to base where they met their neighbouring campers (who have since become good friends with the Norwich rockers) and then it was off to the fun house! 45 minutes later they emerged, thankfully still intact and ready to go and check out some of the massive names performing across the five stages.

We blasted some music based questions at our willing participant to get a better feel of some of the bands who performed across the stages of almighty Download.

Grindstore: Is this your first Download?

Robyn: Yep!

Grindstore: Who were your favourite bands on the main stage?

Robyn: Hollywood Undead, Bowling for Soup and Bullet for my Valentine.

Grindstore: Ok, favourite band on the second stage?

Robyn: Pendulum! They were freakin’ awesome!

Grindstore: How about the Pepsi Max stage?

Robyn: Hmmm…probably Asking Alexandria

Grindstore: Which performance involved the most audience participation?

Robyn: [laughs as she talks] Definitely Bowling for Soup with the inflatable sheep and rude parts! “What a sorry sight this is” said the band as they panned the camera in on a deflated sheep!

Grindstore: Ok so how about favourite band overall?

Robyn: PENDULUM! Yeaaahh!

Grindstore: Are there any new bands you now love thanks to Download?

Robyn: Young Guns and D.R.U.G.S were awesome

Grindstore: Anyone not as good as you thought they’d be?

Robyn: They were all excellent but if I had to make a decision, probably Escape the Fate.

Grindstore: Ok very important question here; best stall?

Robyn: Oh my god the Bagel Dude!! Definitely the bagel stall! Well worth £4.50.

Grindstore: 0836…

Robyn: Haha, what a legend! I’ve joined his fan page!

Grindstore: Who do you feel should have the headliner spot for Download 2012?

Robyn: Avenged Sevenfold without a doubt

Grindstore: Why do you say that?

Robyn: Because they gave an epic performance and one of the best moments of the entire festival!

Grindstore: Best moment? Do tell…

Robyn: When Avenged were on stage, it was absolutely tipping it down, everyone was soaked! They started playing ‘Afterlife’ and dedicated it to The Rev and as soon as they started playing the rain stopped and the sun came out! The Rev was definitely there at Download 🙂 it was awesome.

Grindstore: We’ve heard a lot about that, sounds like a real spine tingler of a moment. It sounds like you had a great time at your first Download! So just to round it off, which bands did you manage to catch across the weekend? (That you can remember)

Robyn: Hang on let me think…[reveals eight pages of Download memories scribbled down on some paper] Ok…Pendulum, Korn, Alter Bridge, Thin Lizzie, Anti-Flag, Young Guns, D.R.U.G.S., System of a Down, Alice Cooper, A7X, Hollywood Undead, Skindred, Escape the Fate, All That Remains, Devil Wears Prada, Disturbed, Bowling for Soup! Roll on Download 2012 🙂

So there you have it! A quick Download memoir from our very own Army Cadet. We hope you enjoyed it and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your stories from the first epic festival of 2011.

****Ps: 0836 t-shirts will be going into production NEXT WEEK people!!! Grab ‘em while you can and show some love for the legend****