Summer Essentials

The year is 2011, we are fast approaching some of music’s biggest, loudest festivals…and this year…we will be watching as history itself is created, right in front of our excited, squidgy little eyeballs!

For 362 days of the year, Knebworth gardens play host to fine stately homes and prancing deer with the occasional clog dancing performance and general pop concert exploits. However, for the last two years, it has become the Stately Home of Rock, having hosted the ear shatteringly explosive Sonisphere rock festival. And now…for the third year running…IT’S BACK!!!

Over the past months, we have been impatiently awaiting the next line-up updates and progressively destroying the internet with our eager ticket purchases. Well metal heads, our time is upon us; with just under 6 weeks until the opening of the Soni-gates, it is time to start preparing for what is guaranteed to be the best three days of your actual life! Obviously we don’t want you all to roll up in your chosen vehicles to find you are lacking in festival essentials, so we have compiled a list of “must remember to pack” items to ensure you feel as prepared as Bear Grylls in the desert when you pitch up those tents (or hollow out the camels). Also in this week’s blog you can find a great selection of summer essentials and new products from Grindstore to ensure that whether you are hitting the festivals or rocking out the garden parties, you will be ready to face the summer in style.

If doesn’t matter if you’re off to Sonisphere, Download, Bloodstock, Reading & Leeds or any of the other hundreds of summer festivals this year, the last thing you want to do is get there and realise you’ve forgotten the wet wipes! So check out our pretty awesome list of necessities for your festival trips. If you can think of anymore, leave us a comment and let your fellow rockers know. Just click on the PDF file link on our Facebook page and get ready to pack your bags!

You may be wondering where the “history in the making” trailed off to…well good job you stuck around because you’re about to find out. Now, you may have heard of a group of rockers who go by the name of ‘The Big Four’. Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax make up this almighty bowl of thrash soup and at this year’s Sonisphere festival, they are coming to break the faces of the non-believers! If you care to believe the rumours floating about then you will know that these metal gods are planning something quite spectacular for their set. What it is? Well…we don’t know…and neither does anyone else until that moment that they erupt onto the stage in a fiery ball of rage! All we can know for sure is that it is going to be something completely and utterly, mind blowingly spectacular! So don’t miss it!! In fact…don’t miss ANY of this summer’s musical madness! We will be keeping you up to date on all the top goss, new merchandise and we may even throw a completely unreliable weather report your way (isn’t that what all the weather stations do?).

So go forth fellow festival buddies, tick your lists, pack your bags, don your sunglasses and wellie boots and get ready for THE most mind blowing summer OF YOUR LIVES!!

Grindstore Essentials List


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