Good Causes That Rock

It’s times like this when we love to see the Grindstore Army out in force, standing together and standing up for what they believe in and with so many rock bands around who are pounding their good causes into the crowds, we thought it was time to address the good work they are doing.

Some of you may be listening to these bands purely because you like their music style, others may be because you feel strongly about the issues they are addressing, whatever your reason, we know that their lyrical impact is changing the world, one track at a time.

Whether you are influenced by the political / anarchist views addressed by  or moved by the animal welfare message spread by , many of us have experienced the distress which can be caused by individuality and standing up for what you believe in. Along with the visions put out there by these almighty rockers, we hope that this blog will inspire you to do something to ensure the future of our planet, even if it just makes you more aware of what is happening around the world.

For people of all ages, the current state of politics is a sore subject and something that we are virtually powerless to control. Assuming we are 18+, we get our vote once every 4 / 5 years and keep our fingers crossed that we get the best deal for the country. However there are certain groups out there who want to do more than sit back and take whatever is thrown at them and they are getting their message out through hard hitting lyrics.  are one of the most influential political bands around and their message is crystal clear; front man ‘Itch’ is committed to being a “voice for the dispossessed”. With an overwhelming need to see the people of the world become empowered, rather than relying on the government bodies to tell them how to live, ‘Itch’ and his King Blues comrades have been described as “able to unsettle the rulers of the country”.

As far as global warming is concerned, it is a subject which is affecting the world around whether it is the devastating tsunamis and forest fires or the things we don’t see on the news such as melting ice caps or the destruction of the o-zone layer. There are many bands that are committed to doing their bit for the environment and those who are suffering as a result of past actions.

 are renowned for their activist ways and the release of their 2005 single ‘A Beautiful Lie’ which saw all profits from the video downloads going to an environmental charity. The video was filmed in Greenland and depicts the melting ice caps caused by global warming. They also released a limited edition CD/DVD version called ‘To the Edge of the Earth’ which was made with environmentally friendly material.

 have recently rounded up the MCRMY to re-release their 2010 single ‘Sing’ and called it #SINGItforJapan. The video features fans from across the world showing their support for the victims of the devastating 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan and profits went to the American Red Cross to help those affected by the tragedy.

 are currently breaking through into the mainstream of rock music and they have done it with a clear message in hand. All the members of the band are vegetarians and they are all working in conjunction with PETA for animal rights; a subject which never fails to fill the people of the world with motivation and drive to help the poor, helpless creatures affected by animal cruelty. Their video for ‘Ready to Fall’ was said to be their most important video to date, touching on many global issues from animal rights to forest fires and factory farming. Rise against have also endorsed vegan friendly trainers by footwear giants ‘Vans’.

Not only do these lyrically profound artists have a message to spread regarding the state of the world, there is one group of men who have recently rocketed into the limelight and they come with a more personal message, a message about self-worth and individuality. Going by the name of , Andy Biersack and his glam rock pals have gained an overwhelming following since they hit the scene in 2006. Well known for their ‘Kiss’ style attire, the boys are no strangers to funny looks and whispers, all because they dress differently from the majority. At some point or other, many of you will have been subject to teasing or bullying due to how you dressed, spoke, acted or what you believed in and BVB have come with a message to strike fear in the hearts of all those who try to put people down for being individual. It is clear to see from the presence the boys bring that they don’t have time for bullies and they have enough confidence in what they do to be able to share this with their fans. From hugging fans after gigs to playing agony uncle, Andy and his band mates are no strangers to that feeling of being an outsider and their aim as a band is to provide a safe place for anyone who feels outcast from their peers. Their songs are based strongly on human condition and the troubles that people face growing up with a strong and resounding message that it is ok to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

With such a large network of rock bands promoting good causes, it is no wonder that rock music fans have such a strong connection. Regardless of the bands you like and the lyrics which mean something to you, we are all connected by the desire to do good and be who we want to be and music is one of the best outlets, whether you prefer writing it, singing it or listening to it. We hope this blog has reached out to you and given you a bit more understanding as to what some of your favourite bands are all about. If it has inspired you to look deeper into what these guys do, or even go out there and do something yourself then that’s brilliant.

Thank you all for taking the time of your revision / break etc. to read this blog. We would love to get some feedback from you guys as to how you have been influenced by your favourite bands and if you’ve done anything to change the world for the better. Even the smallest of gestures can create an awesome ripple.

In the words of Rise Against “Every action has a reaction. We’ve got one planet, one chance”.

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