Competition for the Creative!

Hello Army! Hopefully you all had a brilliant bank holiday break and are now looking forward to the end of May bank holiday! Until then we would like you to show us what you’ve got. Now, you’re all into your music and listening to your favourite tunes through your beloved pair of Skull Candy headphones but we want to see just how creative you can be when you’re left to your own devices!

Whether you write songs, poetry, dabble in a bit of doodling or anything else which combines your love of music and your passion for art then we would love to see / hear it. Either upload a video of yourself having a jamming session or post your art work / songs on our wall. Once we have a page packed with mind blowing music, drawings and videos, we will choose our top 5 at GSHQ and let you lot vote on who should win the title of most creative brain box from the selected 5! Not only will the winner gain this almighty title but we will also be giving away a £25 Grindstore voucher to spend on whatever the devil you like from!

So don’t be shy, grab your most colourful crayons, adjust your guitar strings, dust off your recorder and get your most inspired work into us. Competition opens as of **RIGHT NOW**and will be closing on Monday 30th May. Our top five will be announced on Tuesday 31st May and you lot will have until 1.30pm on Wednesday 8th June to get your votes in. That’s plenty of time to get your thinking caps on and come up with the next ground breaking lyrical montage or artistic work of absolute genius!

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