Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

If you’ve ever sat and wondered as to the meaning of the right regal Royal family then grab your diary as we are about to show you the REAL reason why we love the monarchs! Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor (or Wills to the rest of us) has recently become one of the most talked about names in the celebrity gossip stakes. Why is this? Is it because of his recent engagement to the lovely Miss Kate Middleton? Well in a roundabout way…but more so that us lucky patrons of Grand-Bretagne have a brand spanking new Bank Holiday weekend!! For one year only, 2011 will see not only the Easter Bank Holiday (22nd – 25th April) but also the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday (29th) AND May Bank Holiday (2nd)!

This fact obviously fills us with an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness; however we may be left mildly at a loss as to how we are going to fill this time. For those who have booked off the three remaining working days between these spring jaunts (kudos to you) that is 11 days…or 15,840 minutes of free time in which to occupy yourselves. Here at Grindstore HQ, we want you lot to enjoy your time off to its full potential which is why this blog is fit to burst with some eggs-travagant Easter ideas, Royal Wedding related goodies and much more. So why not grab the biggest Easter egg you can find and take a seat as we help you towards the best break in actual history!

We recently asked for some suggestions as to your favourite websites whether it be for social networking, music, pictures or something completely random. We had an overwhelming THREE suggestions (you must have all been very busy revising) so with a little help from HQ we have got together some great websites to keep you sane in your revision breaks.

They should keep you going for a while. But when you’re finished surfing the world wide web you’re probably going to be straight back to planning your Royal Wedding party (if not then you will be after this). From cakes to party games, we have everything you need for an MBE worthy celebration.

Parties are all about food, drink and photos posted all over Facebook so we will start with the most tempting of all; the food. Now, here at HQ we’re not exactly Gordon Ramsey however we do know good food when we get our gnashers round it! So as not to overwhelm you with ounces of sugar and half a stone of melted chocolate, we have some mouth-watering recipe names and a link to the place where it all happens.

Rice Krispy Cakes: www.studentrecipes.com/recipes/quick-food/rice-krispie-cakes

Simnel Cake:www.uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/512917

Strawberry Shortbread Parfaits:www.dessert.betterrecipes.com/strawberry-shortbread-vanilla-cream-parfaits.html

Chocolate hearts with crème fraîche and GOO:www.cadbury.co.uk/funandrecipes/ourrecipes/Pages/Details.aspx?RID=115

After all that chocolate you’re going to need to work off some energy and what better way than with the official Royal Wedding Facebook game?! Now, this is a drinking game (NON ALCOHOLIC) which will challenge your observational skills and leave you wishing they could televise the royal nuptials time and time again.

Let us introduce The Royal Wedding Drinking Game (thanks to Gabbycat Hicks for the recommendation)

Click to make the fun begin!

Now that we are all suitably fed, watered and relaxed, take a look at some of our Royal Wedding related products (don’t panic we haven’t had things made especially!)




Will & Kate The Royal Wedding Sex Pistols Spoof Poster






Asking Alexandria Hoodie – Elizabeth






Keep Calm & Carry on Badge Pack






Alchemy Gothic Pendant The Chemical Wedding






Union Jack Baby Grow







Queen of the F*!king World Ladies Tee





Earthly Delights Ring





Alchemy Gothic Betrothal Ring






‘I Love My Wife’ Men’s Tee






‘I Love My Hubby’ Ladies Tee






Prince of Darkness Men’s Tee

Hopefully you are now fully prepared for the epic Bank Holidays due to be landing shortly. If you are not and you need some more ideas then hit us up via Facebook / Twitter or even give us a ring if you’re feeling chatty!

We hope you all have an egg-citing Easter and get plenty of chocolate! If you try your hand at some Easter cakes then please stick your pictures up on our Facebook wall as we’d love to see them.

So…until next time faithful Army!

One thought on “Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

  1. Maria Borg says:

    By far the best store for band tees and ‘goth’ shirts and anything people with different tastes will like.
    Especially for teenagers, it’s amazing.
    There’s always something in store bound to make you want to buy more and more! Love it.

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