Pinch and a Punch…Now Let’s Get Down to Business!

Happy 1st March, Happy St David’s Day, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus and all that! You’ve probably had a morning of pinching, punching, black eyes and bruising…but we’re here to make it all better! We’re entering the third month of what is rolling out to be a pretty hot year in terms of music (keep the faith, we’re sure summer is somewhere around the corner!) and there seems not a better time to give you lot the low down on all the jump up and down on the bed exciting things you have to look forward to. From highly anticipated album releases a sneaky look into some of Grindstore’s new stock for you to kit yourself out with for the festival season.

Everyone loves a good album, something which you can listen to from start to finish and just lose yourself within the meaningful lyrics, riffs and catchy choruses (and no we don’t mean Stevie Wonder’s Definitive Collection). If your generic mp3 player is lacking in rocking tunes and you want to treat your ears to some divine ditties then feast your mince pies on this must have up and coming albums list.

Starting things off we have to take a step back to the month of January which saw the release of two epic albums.

• 11.01.2011 QOTSA – Reissue of Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

As if Josh Homme and co didn’t give us enough to get over excited about the first time round…they’ve gone and released it all over again, no added sugar, colours or flavourings…just the pure lyrical genius of QOTSA.

• 24.01.2011 Architects – The Here and Now

The 5th studio album from the up and coming protagonists of post-metalcore and it is the last album to be graced with the almighty bassist Alex “Ali Dino” Dean. Moving away from the technical aspect of their usual sound, this album certainly delivers in its mission to satisfy the fans.

As we move into the recently passed February, we can take a look at D.R.U.G.S…

• 22.02.2011 – D.R.U.G.S (Destroy, Rebuild Until God Shows)

This début release is a must listen for anyone looking for vibrant, exciting and down right spot on lyrics. “If you think this song is about you, it probably is” was the debut single released in November 2010, perfect for the paranoid amongst us!

Now for the really exciting bit! What’s to come over the next couple of months? From live albums to unbelievably massive follow ups…March and April look set to have you all edge of your seat-y with anticipation!

• 14.03.2011 Rise Against – Endgame

If you want rock, if you want to experience “the end of humankind as we know it” then this is the album for you! Yes…you. Touching on actual, real life events including devastating natural disasters and political publicity, this album is guaranteed to reach into your heart with its lyrics…and then rip it out!

• 22.03.2011 Greenday – Awesome As F**k

The title says it all really! From one of the biggest punk rock bands on the planet comes a mouth watering collection of live tracks, bonus tracks and videos…an if you’re one of the technologically equipped kind, the album    will also be available in Blu-Ray! Ear bashing rock band + Techy goodness = High definition love for your senses! Wahey!

• 04.04.2011 The Blackout – Hope

And with that, this long awaited 3rd album is summed up in a nutshell. If you have bounded around in excitement for these guys before, you will quite possibly be on the verge of passing out when you get your mitts on this tasty new album.

• 12.04.2011 Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Oh….my…Grohl!! There is nothing like saving the best till last! Wasting Light could possibly be THE most anticipated album…of all time! Dave Grohl has to be the most popular man in the music industry, if not the world! As touched on in Rock Sound (146) Grohl could be solely responsible for the extinction of the Panda and we would still find it in our hearts to forgive him! Wasting Light is the 7th studio album from the Foo Fighters and the 1st single “Rope” was released to the masses on 23rd February to which it received an astounding virtual standing ovation. We are oh so eagerly counting down the days till this guaranteed, instant classic album is released and the excitement is making us just a little bit dizzy!

Phew! Now that you’re all overly excited and ready to ram your headphones in your ears (at a responsible, socially acceptable volume level of course), why not take a sneaky peek at some of the new products we will be stocking over the next couple of months. We’ve had some great feedback from everyone so thanks a bunch guys and gals! Our lovely buyer is in the process of putting the delicious new stock on the website so keep an eye out for some of the following…

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed this informative and very educational blog! We’ve covered some of the top album releases but are there any others you’re looking forward to? Maybe you know of an unsigned band that deserves some recognition. Let us know and we’ll give them a shout out!

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