The next big thing?

We all know that YouTube has been responsible for making people overnight stars with the likes of Chris Crocker and Justin Bieber (sorry about that!) but when someone comes along with a burning determination to take over the world, you would expect them to at least have a real band when releasing a video…or not as the case may be!

If you were to bump into one of the members of Ohio’s new rock sensation, Black Veil Brides, you would be forgiven for thinking you had been sucked into a time warp and spat out in the 1970’s! These guys are certainly challenging every aspect of 21st century rock with their eye catching attire and Kiss style hair do’s.

Andy Sixx is the man in charge and at the ripe old age of 20, he has managed to take the rock world by storm and it all kicked off with the help of a thrown together band (none of the members of the current line up) and good ol’ YouTube. Directed by Patrick Fogarty, Andy Six and his “band” put together the video for ‘Knives and Pens’ which was launched onto the World Wide Web on 17th June 2009. The words “overnight success” have never been so aptly applied as with Black Veil Brides! With 21 million views and counting, they have shot into mainstream success and have an unfathomable following from rockers of all ages and backgrounds…and why is this?…Research! (Do your homework kids). From the age of 5, Six knew that he wanted to take over the world with his music so he spent his youth looking at the kind of music people bought into and what they could connect with as well as taking notes from his (obvious) super favourite vintage rockers, Kiss!

Black Veil Brides line up consists of the business minded, music mad Andy Six and his buddies Ashley Purdy, Christian ‘CC’ Coma, Jake Pitts and Jinx and their sound is something completely new which is guaranteed to captivate anyone with a good set of ears. They delve into a bit of everything with some elements of screamo, a splash of punk / pop, lashings of glam metal and a pinch of gothic rock to create some truly outstanding tracks. With their ability to reach out and touch their fans, BVB are set to conquer the world and that is exactly what they intend on doing. They could probably get a sponsorship deal with  and scare the living daylights out of Hell’s Angels with their ripped up, silver studded, leather clad appearance but underneath, all these guys want to do is rock out and rock hard.

We know for a fact that this band are oozing ‘Six appeal’ and a lyrical archive guaranteed to touch the souls of anyone who has ever felt like an outcast, but we need some opinions from the people who matter…you lot! We are currently undergoing an exciting new stock line up and if you want to see more BVB merchandise then damn sure you’ll get it! Do you want spiky collars and pimped out biker jackets or some subtle band tees with which to spread the love? Whilst we’re at it, why not hit us with some other band merchandise you’d like to see on the website. We’ve already had some suggestions for Skindred, Airbourne and some more clothing for the lovely ladies out there but we have plenty more space for suggestions so get cracking!

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