Long road to ruin?…Not for these guys.

They are one of the biggest bands in rock with their roaring presence, mind blowing solos and catchy lyrics. They have released six studio albums and 28 singles as well as some unparalleled live DVDs and coming soon, on 12th April 2011…THE FOO FIGHTERS ARE BACK!!

Since 2009 and the charting of ‘Wheels’ from their greatest hits album, things had been pretty quiet on the Foos front as far as releasing music was concerned. However, behind the scenes, the almighty Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett have been working their back sides off to produce album number seven (yet to receive a confirmed name) which is due for release in April.

Fans of the Foo Fighters will already know of the two teasers which have been released from the album, the first being a snippet of the track ‘Bridge Burning’ and the second taster which was leaked on 1st February on foofighters.fm. Grohl has confirmed that this long awaited album contains some of the Foos heaviest material to date and it will possess an entirely new sound after being recorded solely on an analogue tape in Grohl’s garage!

With some epic tunes under their belt including D.O.A, Everlong, Learn to Fly and the softer sound of Walking After You, these guys have been producing globally loved music since 1994 and 17 years on they are back again to captivate old and new fans alike. As of yet we are all eagerly awaiting more news on this highly anticipated album release but from what we’ve heard so far, we are absolutely loving it! An intimate gig was played by Grohl and the band at the Velvet Jones club in Santa Barbara and the lucky audience were the first to hear the new album in its entirety.

Let us know your thoughts on this highly anticipated new release. If you’ve heard any of the material what do you think of it? Anyone got any ideas on the album artwork? Maybe you have your own ideas which you want the world to see? Whether it’s artwork or opinions, let us know! We want to create some waves in the run up to 12th April and we would love to hear what you lot have to say.

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