You can Blink but you certainly won’t miss it!

Here at Grindstore we love the classic rockers like Metallica, Slayer, Rob Zombie and the many more that are still rocking hard. However we would like to delve into the world of one of the biggest punk rock bands of recent years and how one tragic event has lead to some pretty spectacular things.

Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker spawned Blink 182 in 1992 in a garage somewhere in Poway, California. Admittedly this would be the classic way to start a band and it is how many have formed across the years and across the genres. The difference with Blink 182 being the journey that lay ahead of them.

Having released 8 singles between 1995 and 1999, it was 9th time lucky for the boys in 2000 when they let the anthemic ‘All the Small Things’ into the world. This song was being sung across the world! Kids sung into drinks bottles, rocking out their own covers during school music lessons…it was everywhere. And since that momentous moment, DeLonge, Hoppus and Barker have delighted the ears (and eyes) of fans across the globe with gloriously light hearted albums and some soul touching lyrics.

Blink 182 took an indefinite hiatus in 2005 due to personal reasons however the tragic plane crash which nearly took the life of Travis Barker in 2008. It was one of those events which made everyone sit up and realise that some things in life were just too precious to let go of. So Blink reformed in 2008 and began working on a spectacular new vision…and this vision will finally be shared with the world over the coming months.

2011 is an exciting year for the band and fans alike because it is set to see the release of their 6th studio album. Yet to be named, they have been working on the tracks for the last few months, bouncing between two studios and recording with no producer. As strange a set up as this may sound, the guys are not just making songs, they ‘are trying to make a masterpiece’. The album is set to be an integration of their old style as well as what they’ve picked up along the way. Tom brings the classic 70’s and 80’s rock feel whilst Travis lends his electro/hip hop style and Mark pulls everything together with a good dose of indie rock.

This year looks like it’s going to be jam packed with Blink 182 madness once again and that’s not to mention the guys other projects, Angels and Airwaves and Travis Barker’s debut solo album ‘Give the Drummer Some’.

Make sure you show some support for these remarkably talented rockers get your mitts on our great range of Blink 182 merchandise.

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