Is rock stuck in a hard place?

Hello faithful followers!

This is a very impromptu blog, but after being handed a copy of The Daily Telegraph this morning, we felt it was necessary to share this discovery with you all and we’d love to hear what you have to say on the matter…

It all begins with the headline “Rock’s In a Hard Place” before it starts to bombard us with worrying facts and figures about the recent trends in rock music sales in the commercial scene. Fair enough, it’s certainly not all about the commercial buzz and how many record sales a band can cram under their ever widening belts, but there is something to be said for ensuring the future of rock is as stable as the Sonishphere stage.

The top 100 tracks of 2010 saw the acknowledgement of three…yes THREE rock songs! A measly 3% of the best loved songs of 2010! If you are sat there quaking in your Iron Fist Fug boots then good on you! We are open to all genres of music, but with the rise of dance, trance, hip hop and Glee, rock seems to have been cast into the shadow of brightly coloured tassels and complex dance routines.

It is clear to see that the fans of rock music are out there in force and when we were hit with the tragic and sudden death of Skipknot’s bassist, Paul Gray, everyone united in a surge of tributes and appreciation for one of rocks best loved figures.

So, although the future of rock is being questioned by critics, there is not another genre out there which captures such commitment and togetherness from fans and it’s time that we brought this back into the spotlight.

It’s time to get your rock hands in the air and make some noise you wonderfully awesome people! So when you’re skipping across the mud caked fields of Donington with a beer in hand and one shoe missing, take a minute to salute the dawn of a new era. An era when rock crashes back onto the stage so loud that you may even cry a little bit!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this provoking article, maybe you’ve sat down and read the paper yourself? No matter what the future holds, there will never be another style of music which can replace the almighty presence of metal giants such as Metallica, AC/DC and Slipknot and we should feel blessed that we have been rocking and moshing around on this planet at a time when these bands are in existence.

We hope you all have a mind blowing weekend and we can’t wait to hear your stories when we’re back in the office on Monday.

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